Business Development Representation

Country: India
Client: Polyganics B.V.
Expertise: Business Development Representation
Sector: FMCG

About This Case

As the official business development representative of POLYGANICS in India, NXT TRADE actively supported POLYGANICS in positioning both the brands and products of the client within the Indian market. The scope of NXT TRADE entailed: creation of local brand & product awareness, building and maintaining the local stakeholder network, activating commercial leads, initiating a local revenue stream and providing customer service support. Focus is directed towards the Indian retail-sector and pharmaceutical-sector.


– Execution promotional activities
– Representation of POLYGANICS at B2B events
– Building a commercial sales pipeline of 175 leads in 12 months
– Activating 60 leads during the incubation period (sales points)
– Installation of local sales channel including 4 importers and 17 regional distributors

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