Sales & Marketing

Market(s): India / Turkey
Client: Netherlands Agro, Food & Technology Centre (NAFTC)
Expertise: Market Positioning
Scope: Business Support Services
Sector: Agro-Food Technology Sector

About This Case

NXT Trade is the representative of NAFTC (Netherlands Agro, Food & Technology Center) in Turkey, Iran and India. Both parties have the ambition to execute collective and individual services for NAFTC members. The aim is to promote the Dutch Agro-Food-Technology sector in emerging markets. The focus is set on developing a solid cooperation in the agro, food and technology sector in general and to represent the individual business interests of specific NAFTC members aiming at the Turkish, Iranian and Indian markets in particular.


– 2016 January: NXT Trade becomes the NAFTC representative office in Turkey
– 2016 June: NXT Trade facilitates and supports dutch companies during a collective trade-fair in Teheran
– 2017 September: NXT Trade becomes the NAFTC representative office in India

Divisional Head Office
Sugar City, Suiker Silo Oost
5th Floor, Number 15, Unit 5.C
1165 MP Halfweg
+31(0)20 237 3000

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