Production & Assembly Coordination/Representation

Country: India
Client: Id Fence B.V. (LaceFence)
Expertise: Local Production
Sector: Industry

About This Case

Lace Fence, a Dutch based company that designs & produces unique architectural fabric delivered globally, was in need of coordination, controlling and monitoring of their production lines in India. NXT Trade manages and coordinates the complete production for LaceFence. Design & Marketing is done by the client IdFence BV in Amsterdam, while NXT takes care of incorporation, hiring and training of skilled workers, administration, accountancy, process planning, production control, quality control, logistics planning, material sourcing & purchase.


NXT & IdFence partnered in 2013, relieving IdFence from the daily tensions of production operations, minimising mandatory visits to India to control production, and seeing a huge overall increase of production capacity, efficiency, attendance, quality, revenue and satisfied customers.

Divisional Head Office
Sugar City, Suiker Silo Oost
5th Floor, Number 15, Unit 5.C
1165 MP Halfweg
+31(0)20 237 3000

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