Sourcing & Export Management Company

Country: Turkey
Client: Irish Casings Company Ltd. Plc. (ICC)
Expertise: Import & Export Handling
Sector: Agri-Food

About This Case

On behalf of the Irish company Irish Casings Company Ltd. (ICC) NXT TRADE staff was trained in becoming a local sourcing specialist of offals and by-products in the Turkish market. Within a period of 24 months a supplier base of close to 20 meat processing plants was assigned as approved suppliers for ICC.
Under the coordination of NXT TRADE products were collected, packed (private label) and shipped off to a consolidation warehouse in the Istanbul vicinity. The storage operation (-40 degrees) and overall export operation was coordinated by NXT TRADE. Local payment transactions and international export transactions were coordinated on behalf of ICC. Export shipments were coordinated out of Turkey to a wide range of international markets among them being: Ghana, Togo, Benin, Hong-Kong and Korea.


– developing and managing a supplier base of 20 meat processing companies
– managing a coordinating storage and export operations
– export of 800 tons of offals and by-products in a period of 24 months

Divisional Head Office
Sugar City, Suiker Silo Oost
5th Floor, Number 15, Unit 5.C
1165 MP Halfweg
+31(0)20 237 3000

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