Sourcing & Production

Country: India
Client: Fighetti B.V.
Expertise: Local Production
Sector: Textiles

About This Case

Fighetti BV, is a Dutch company with a luxury male swimwear brand. The swimshorts they design are high-end, made of high quality materials, have specific finishing techniques and are to be sold through online webshops and retail.

With only a basic design and the material specifications in mind, NXT shortlisted potential manufacturers for production. NXT instructed these manufactures the complete expectations and each of them have made prototypes for our checking. Based on quality, terms & conditions and quotations, the choice was made for a specific manufacturer in Bangalore, together with the client.


After placing the order, the complete coordination of manufacturing, import of certain specific items that needed to be included in the shorts, the making of the display packing boxes with another party, quality control, pacing and export was facilitated by NXT.

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