Marketing & Sales

Market(s): Turkey & India
Client: EVO-Fenedex
Expertise: Market Positioning
Scope: Business Support Services
Sector: Education Sector

About This Case

In 2011 Fenedex approached NXT Trade to become of the partners within their Turkey desk, a role that NXT Trade accepted and has been fulfilling ever since. In 2015 the partnership was expanded with NXT Trade picking up the lead partner role within the India desk.

Since 2011 NXT Trade provides Fenedex members with ongoing support in regards to custom issues, local import & export legislation and provides support in round tables and seminars.


– 2011 – present: lead partner within EVO-Fenedex Turkey Desk
– 2015 – present: lead partner within EVO-Fenedex India Desk

Divisional Head Office
Sugar City, Suiker Silo Oost
5th Floor, Number 15, Unit 5.C
1165 MP Halfweg
+31(0)20 237 3000

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