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This interview is conducted with Victor Eveleens who is currently living and working in India. The aim of this interview is to highlight some cultural differences between India and the Netherlands and to shed some light on current trends.

What is exactly your role and how did you end up there?
Currently, I am director and senior partner of NXT Trade & Agency Services, part of the NXT Group of Companies, a company which is specialized in providing services to western firms to doing business with and in emerging countries. The firm has three divisions, namely; strategy, advisory, and trade with offices in the Netherlands, India, Turkey and Colombia.

I ended up in India around ten years ago. At that time, I organized a research program for my university. The initial plan was to stay for two months, but I met another Dutch entrepreneur who had just started a consultancy firm in India, and wanted to set up a trade division as well. I decided to cancel my ticket, stay in India, partner with him and build the trading company.

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